Munay-Ki Retreat Ibiza  

Munay Ki Retreat Ibiza > The nine rites of the Shamanic Initiation from 18 to 25 May 2016
Munay-Ki Retreat Ibiza
The nine rites of the Shamanic Initiation
from 18 - 25 April 2016
retreat hosts: Wolf Rappard & Lucien Lecarme

What is Munay-Ki ?

The word Muney-Ki means Love and also be your real self in Qero language, spoken by the Qero people living in the Andes, being the direct descendants of the Inca culture and responsible for passing on these sacred nine energetic rites, that invoke a big clean up in your energy body to release the past en prepare for the future.

With each initiation you open a door in your own unique process of evolution of your consciousness, your true self and unconditional love, towards the passionate realisation and manifestation of your destiny and being able to live in full harmony getting closer and closer to the consciousness of oneness.

Why follow Munay-Ki ?
The new world arrived on 21-12-2012 when we entered the golden age of consciousness and are reaching out to our full potential. Munay Ki was meant to help transform humanity to more connectedness with the earth and oneness.

What does Munay-Ki give you ?
Munay-Ki is a doorway to oneness, harmony, understanding, love, freedom, insights, power and transformation. It is a journey to who you really are and a journey away from the illusion of separation back to consciousness of unity.

Munay-Ki is a new view, a new philosophy of life.
In this retreat the seeds are handed over to you. You decide what action to take. Let the divine spark awaken in the depths of your being!

Follow the call of your heart and sign up for this  fantastic journey in a program with NLP influences, spiritual hikes, yoga sessions and the mythical spot in front of Es Vedra in Ibiza.

Your retreat host, Wolf Rappard, 60, NLP trainer, author & physical therapist has a wide interest in spiritual development. His first Munay-Ki experiences took place in Belgium where he did his nine initiations and now he feels the time is ripe to give these initiations in Ibiza. During the retreats he will be assisted by Loes Pist (qualified massage therapist) and Lucien Lecarme of Hiking Ibiza, who's extensive knowledge of the island will guide us to the most magical places of Ibiza.

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